ProCyte Dx Vet Hematology Analyzer

The ProCyte Dx hematology analyzer has the distinct ability to evaluate up to 34 reported results from a single animal blood sample within just 2 minutes. To provide the most comprehensive complete blood count (CBC) available in-house, this hematology analyzer utilizes three cutting-edge technologies.

Manufactured by IDEXX Laboratories, Inc.
Made in the USA

Uses the following technologies for comprehensive CBC
     Laser Flow Cytometry
     Optical Fluorescence
     Laminar Flow Impedance
26 CBC parameters
     Neut#, Lymp#, Mono#, Eos#, Baso#, Neut%, Lymp%, Mono%, Eos%, Baso%, RETIC%, RETIC-ABS, Hct, RBC, Hgb, MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW, WBC, Plt, MPV, PDW, Pct, band neut, nRBCs
Uses the SLS-Hemoglobin method for hemoglobin conversion
Sample: 30 µl whole blood with EDTA-anticoagulant
Results in approximately 2 minutes
30-second sample tube return
Dot plots for easy interpretation & validation of results


Quality Assured by MEDTEK Indonesia