SNAP Tests

The SNAP tests are veterinary diagnostic devices that detect the antibodies and antigens of various pathogens that cause life-threatening complications ranging from Lyme disease to heartworm. Their simple procedure and quick result time make SNAP tests the ideal pet-side diagnostics.

Manufactured by IDEXX Laboratories Inc.
Made in the USA

Employs the SNAP ELISA technology
Run time of 8 – 10 minutes
Multiple disease screening with one sample
Color reference method for easy interpretation
Superior sensitivity and specificity
Can test whole blood, serum, and plasma sample

Available SNAP Tests
Canine                     Feline                                        Canine/Feline 
SNAP 4Dx Plus      SNAP FIV/FeLV Combo         SNAP Giardia    
SNAP Parvo            SNAP fPL                                   SNAP Heartworm                                                       
SNAP Lepto            SNAP Feline Triple                  SNAP Bile Acids                                                                                             
SNAP cPL                                                                                                        


ISO Certification
Quality Assured by MEDTEK Indonesia