VetAutoread Vet Hematology Analyzer

In little more than 10 minutes, the VetAutoread hematology analyzer offers quantification of twelve important hematological parameters, including special notes to indicate whether or not an anemia is regenerative.

Manufactured by IDEXX Laboratories, Inc.
Made in the USA

Built-in diagnostic reminders
Precision optics that scan each sample 8 times during analysis
12 parameters
     Hct, Hgb, MCHC, WBC, GRANS, NEUT, EOS, L/M, PLT nRBCs, Fibrin, RETICs (%)
Automatically measures haemogram and 3-part differential
Buffy coat profile printouts
Run time of 6 minutes
Can test canine, feline, bovine, and equine species

IDEXX VetAutoread Hematology Analyzer
Power pack
Power cord
IDEXX E-Z Prep™ pipettor
Accessory pack
     Calibration rod

ISO Certified
Quality Assured by MEDTEK Indonesia